Speakers Bureau and Other Resources

Looking for a speaker for your adult education class or a church function?  Here is a list of speakers (organized alphabetically by topic) who have presented to the “Shine the Light” committee. The CCC does not necessarily endorse the views of these speakers, but we think they will provide some interesting information for your congregation:

Childhood Literacy

Jessica Harper
Reading Partners Colorado
Email: Jessica.harper@readingpartners.org, Phone:  720-965-0266

Geographic area: Denver Metro Area, Aurora (including all suburbs of Denver).

Topic(s): Reading Partners’ mission is to help children become lifelong learners by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results. We envision a nation where all children have the reading skills they need to reach their full potential. (community empowerment, education, volunteerism, local service impact, literacy, mentorship, strengthening communities, faith-based community engagement)

Criminal Justice Reform

Hassan A. Latif
Executive Director, Second Chance Center
Phone: (720) 297-9694 (Cell) (303) 537-5838 (Ofc.)
Email: secondchancecentercolorado@gmail.com

Geographic area: Denver Metro area primarily but willing to travel outside when needed.

Topics: Mission of SCC: Re-Entry (Challenges/elements), Restorative Justice, Cognitive Restructuring approach, community support for transitioning persons.

Faith and Neuroscience

Howard W. Bell, Jr.
Project Future Institute
Phone: 301-806-6081
Email:    hwbell@projfutr.org

Geographic area:  Within 1 hour drive of Denver, CO

Topic(s):       How you can exceed expectations for a limitless future and the role of faith and miracles in support of your quest.

Health Equity 

Ricki Hadow
ColoradoCare – Amendment 69 / www.coloradocare.org
Universal Health Care for Colorado
Email: rickihadow@gmail.com

Geographic Area: State of Colorado

Topic: Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare) is on the ballot this November, which will enable Coloradans to vote on whether they would like to implement universal health care in this state. Currently we pay $30 billion in health care. If we implemented ColoradoCare, our state would save almost $5 billion in health care costs AND everyone would be covered. We would be happy to present to any group who would like to know more about this amendment, and we’ll answer any and all questions.

Human Trafficking

Alexis Newton
Human trafficking activist and advocate
Faith affiliation – Catholic
Cell phone: 720-324-1337
Email: alexisnewton777@hotmail.com

Geographic area: Any location in Colorado

Topic(s) – Human trafficking in Colorado; Initiatives of the different Colorado anti-trafficking task forces; Demand reduction campaigns; Colorado Network to End Human Trafficking Hotline statistics and trends. 

Money in Politics

Stephen Justino, Marty Amble or Laura Harris
Colorado Move to Amend, and Metro Denver Move to Amend
To schedule presentations contact: June Mullins, 303-777-4973.

Geographic area: Colorado

Topic:  Amending the U.S. Constitution so that is says “Corporations are NOT People” and “Money is NOT Speech” as a necessary first step to achieving social justice.

Organ Donation

Jay Warring
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

Geographic area:  Colorado Front Range

Topic(s):  How to talk about end of life decisions and what choosing to be a donor means.

Public School Finance

Susan Meek
Director of Communications
Great Education Colorado

Geographic area: Colorado

Topic(s): A presentation on how Colorado’s schools are currently funded, and why it’s not nearly enough.

Restorative Justice

Sharletta C. Evans
Colorado Crime Survivors Network
Email: sharlettacevans@gmail.com

Geographic Areas: Aurora, Denver, ParkHill, Montbello, Lakewood, Commerce City, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Topic(s): Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Empathy, and Restorative Justice Concepts which are the work of Grace.


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