Mission Task Forces

We are recommending six task forces as the initial task forces under the new CCC structure. These six certainly do not cover the broad concerns for which people of faith are called to make a witness. We are fully aware that additional task forces will need to be created by the Board in the future as the need/opportunity for ministry arises. We believe that it will best serve our mission under the new structure to BEGIN with these six, get them staffed and up and running and then look to other opportunities.

In addition to these six specific task forces, the Exec Director can appoint a person to represent him/her at coalition meetings that address other areas of interest of CCC.

If the need in a particular area arises, a task force in that area may be recommended to the Board.

 Our Six Task Forces

Interfaith Relations

Will maintain our existing dialogue with the AJC and explore other options of building interfaith relations in our community. Will also be the body to consider responses by CCC when acts/talk of intolerance/hate/defamation occurs against religious minorities.

Ecumenical Relations

Will be responsible for the Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks.

Will explore other ecumenical worship experiences in different parts of the state or to create worship resources that could be used on an ecumenical basis across the state.

Shine the Light

Much of hate, violence and discrimination happens in darkness and the role of the Church is to allow God’s inclusive love to shine on that darkness. Areas such as bullying, any form of discrimination, child abuse, domestic violence, hunger and suicide are just some of the areas this task force might choose to address.

Criminal Justice Reform

An existing task force will continue to address the need for reform in our criminal justice system.

Respectful Conversations

Build a state wide network of trained faith leaders that can facilitate “respectful faith based conversations” in an ecumenical setting around controversial subjects of depth.

Voices for Justice

Will direct and implement the CCC’s advocacy work with the Colorado General Assembly and other governmental entities.