Voices for Justice

The mission of Colorado Interfaith Voices for Justice is to work with faith communities to educate and advocate on behalf of those living in poverty. Voices for Justice focuses on state and federal public policy issues concerning affordable housing, criminal justice, healthcare, hunger and welfare. In working with congregations and faith-based organizations, Voices for Justice seeks to create a powerful faith movement ready to take action in our communities and at the State Capitol. Colorado Interfaith Voices for Justice now has a new home with the Colorado Council of Churches.

Voices for Justice brings diverse faith communities together to speak out for those who often do not have a voice in public policy: the working poor, the disabled, the elderly. Voices for Justice calls on policy makers to have justice for those who are struggling to make ends meet and survive in our world.

Working with Voices for Justice will help make a strong voice for the voiceless at the State Capitol: the more voices who speak out on an issue, the more legislators pay attention to their constituents. By partnering with Voices for Justice, you will be joining a coalition of faith communities, faith-based agencies and individuals all called to make a difference in the world.

Read all about our 2021 interim legislative session report HERE.

Check the latest legislative tracking report HERE.

We need more volunteers!

If you’re interested in joining our team, or testifying for a particular bill, please contact Alexandria Gerace at alexandria.gerace@gmail.com.


We are blessed to have a number of people following the 2019 legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly. Each person is identifying and providing updates on select legislation that falls within one of our public policy areas.

Alexandria Gerace

Alexandria Gerace is our new Coordinator for Voices for Justice. Raised in non-denominational churches across this nation, she found her passion for justice reform and community engagement at Regis University and within her criminal justice career. For the 2020 Legislative Session, her focus will be on legislation concerning criminal justice reform.

Jean Demmler is a member of the Presbytery of Denver.

Vicky Daub is Executive Director of Veteran Servant Corps Project (https://www.rmselca.org/veteran-servant-corps-project), a ministry of the Rocky Mountain Synod (RMS), which is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Vicky has been working with Military/Veteran families since January 2012. Her husband Larry served in the United States Air Force from 1958-1979. Vicky has earned a B.A. (University of Northern Colorado, 1978), a M.B.A (University of Colorado, 1999), and a M.A. in Christian Ministry (Luther Seminary, 2019). Vicky is a Colorado native and lifelong RMS/ELCA member. Vicky is currently a member at Bethany Lutheran in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.  God called Vicky to this ministry of working with Military/Veteran families on Thanksgiving Eve 2011.

Adrian Miller

Adrian Miller, the CCC’s Executive Director, will follow bills concerning racism.

Mary Ann Panarelli follows legislation concerning the education of children.

Sue Ricker

Sue Ricker of Smoky Hill United Methodist Church is a retired secondary social studies teacher with a lifelong passion for social justice issues.  As a member of Smoky Hill United Methodist Church, Sue chairs her church’s Social Justice Council, and is actively involved in the Stop Trafficking Action Team.  Sue is proud and humbled to be able to make a difference  using my faith.  Sue follows legislation concerning sexuality, families and abuse.

Susan Ritter is an Episcopalian parishioner at Saint John’s Cathedral. Active in advocacy and politics she is a member of the SJC Grants Committee and a former member of the SJC Faith In Action Commission. She also is co-director of the Women’s Homeless Initiative for the Cathedral.  She serves on the leadership team for the Indivisible South Metro group and works with Together Colorado on the Transforming Justice Team’s Cage Team and 2021 Legislative Team.  Susan lives in Centennial with her puppy Jake.