1. The Colorado Council of Churches is the expression of Christian denominations, Christian congregations and affiliated partners that have intentionally entered into a covenant relationship to live out its mission:  Walking together in faith, working together for justice.
  2. We shall operate under a model of “covenant relationships,” which shall include “covenanting denominations” (Christian denominations), “covenanting congregations” (Christian congregations that may or may not be part of a covenanted denomination), and “covenanting affiliated partners” (denominations or congregations that are not uniquely Christian, and other organizations).
  3. We believe that as churches are called to have a voice and have a responsibility to act in the public realm, our voice and actions shall be grounded in scripture as expressed in public policy statements approved by the Executives of covenant denominations.
  4. We are a voice within the Christian community, acknowledging our brokenness and working to bridge divisions within the Christian community.
  5. Our work shall be carried out through issue-driven Task Forces that shall be approved by the Board. The membership of such Task Forces can be comprised of representatives of covenanting denominations and congregations, other congregations and community non-profits (affiliated partners).
  6. We are committed to engage congregations whose denominations might not be in covenant relationship, but who share a passion for ministry in particular focus areas.
  7. We are committed to inclusiveness in our covenantal relationships and partnership efforts.
  8. We work in partnership with other faith based and non-faith based organizations on a range of shared concerns for relationships and justice.
  9. We are not seeking as an organization to become direct service providers.
  10. We seek a model for the Colorado Council of Churches which is flexible, expandable and offers a variety of opportunities for engagement and collaboration.
  11. We seek a model which will be financially sustainable in the future.
  12. All covenanting denominations, covenanting congregations and affiliated partners will be expected to offer financial support to the Colorado Council of Churches.
  13. We acknowledge that development of a model is not the same as implementation and that the transition will take time, therefore we agree together to enter into this work to manifest and give witness to the unity and mission of Christ’s Church in Colorado.