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Together the member denominations of the Colorado Council of Churches can be a clearer voice and stronger witness for justice for all of God’s children than any one denomination can be by itself. To make a witness on any issue, the Council must have a Public Policy Statement on that issue. Public policy statements are voted upon by each denomination (the denominational executive casts the vote. To be approved, no denomination can cast a dissenting vote. You can view each of our Public Policy Statements listed under the Publications tab above or click here. 

In its fourth year, “Faithful Thursdays” is a diverse coalition of leaders, organizations and community members who are committed to adding a deeper, moral dimension to the public policy-making process in Colorado.

Our focus is to advance a faith narrative and collaborative process that supports a just economy, promotes equity, and eradicates racism in Colorado. 

We will hold opening and closing multi-faith events, with some possible intermittent programming during the 2022 session of the Colorado General Assembly.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of our “Gathering of Gratitude, Lament, and Hope.”

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As people of faith and spirit, we express gratitude for the work that has come before, lament the injustice that remains, and carry a vibrant hope that a just world is possible. Accordingly, the undersigned individuals and organizations make the following commitments and invite all those of goodwill to join us in:

Providing a public witness of our faith traditions throughout the 2022 legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly by regularly contacting our legislators, testifying at public hearings, and informing our constituencies of our public policy priorities.

Collectively professing our faith values of:
• honoring the dignity of each human being;
• creating a society where all are treated fairly and are given equal opportunity;
• caring and responsible stewardship for all of the Earth;
• working toward a future where we understand our diversity to be a blessing;
• believing that together we are stronger and that as a state-wide community we can do better in taking care of one another.

Working cooperatively and collectively with members of the Colorado General Assembly to enact legislation that reflects our faith values and protects the most vulnerable people in Colorado.

Advocating the Colorado General Assembly to create a state budget that is a moral document reflecting our faith values.

Advocating Colorado Governor Jared Polis to support and sign legislation that reflects our faith values and protects the most vulnerable people in Colorado.

With a spirit of grace and loving respect, holding our elected officials and public policy makers accountable for their decisions.

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Faithful Thursdays is made possible by the collaboration of the following organizations:

Want to be involved? Join our Voices for Justice team!

Voices for Justice is a dedicated group of volunteers who are tracking legislation concerning social justice issues at the Colorado General Assembly. Learn more here.