Interfaith Relations

The Colorado Council of Churches and the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council have entered into a new endevor of Scripture study and issue discussion aimed at building trusted relationships. Fifteen Rabbis and fifteen ministers will join together for lunch once a month to study scripture. The first five sessions (beginning February 27, 2013) will be retricted to study and building relationships. After those 5 sessions, the group will allow the scripture study of the day to lead into discussion of issues of the day. We are excited to see where our study and discussion of our faith foundations will lead to in our understanding, mutual trust and relationships.

Our dialogue with the American Jewish Committee has taken a break after 12 years of learning and growing understanding.

The Colorado Council of Churches often collaborates with the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council, American Jewish Committee and Anti-Defamation League on efforts to address social justice issues.

Interfaith Roundtable

Along with the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, the Colorado Council of Churches hosts a quarterly breakfast meeting with representatives of different faith traditions, primarily connected with service organizations.