Colorado Census Faith Hub

Meet Our Statewide Faith Hub Coordinator

Megan Van Ens

Megan Van Ens will be our 2020 Census Faith Hub Coordinator until June 2020. Megan started Clever Caterpillar LLC and provides strategic and program planning to various nonprofits and ballot measures.
She previously served as the Executive Director of the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable for the last 10 years.  The Roundtable’s mission is to pursue public policy change and encourage civic engagement for a more inclusive, equitable and just Colorado by working collectively and collaboratively with a network of 45 organizations.
Prior to the Roundtable, she was the Progressive Majority Colorado State Director.  She was also the Colorado State Finance Director   Progressive Majority’s mission is to recruit, train and elect progressive candidates to state and local office.
Megan came to Progressive Majority with over 7 years of political experience—working on all types of campaigns—local, state candidate races and statewide issue/ballot measure campaigns. She started her political career in Colorado while working for ten targeted state senate races for 2000.  She was part of the team that flipped control of the State Senate for the first time in 40 years.
Megan grew up in Colorado and graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with two degrees—one in journalism and one in political science.  In her spare time, you’ll find her exploring new countries and traveling. 

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