Hire a Refugee!

The Colorado Council of Churches is part of the Governor Hickenlooper’s Clergy Council, and we are working with him on an effort to provide local refugees with access to good jobs.Governor Hickenlooper is asking us as faith leaders to use our connections with business community in order to serve some of our most vulnerable neighbors. This is a win/win for many employers as finding qualified and motivated employees had become difficult in light of our booming economy. The state’s refugee outreach team has access to hundreds of potential employees who are looking for a chance to use their skills here in Colorado.

Many of these individuals have backgrounds in hospitality, engineering, the construction trades, health services, & education. The majority are currently underemployed and are working jobs that are not utilizing their experience and skill set. The goal is to connect them with jobs more in line with their backgrounds that pay at least $17 an hour.

Here is a 3 minute video about one Colorado company that has been transformed because of their willingness to interview Burmese refugees: https://vimeo.com/170676098

We have done our best to make this initiative simple. If you are willing to share about this opportunity with business leaders in your congregation, all you have to do is connect them with Nick Lesley, Gov. Hickenlooper’s point person on this effort. He will let employers know if they have potential employees who are a match with the current needs of their company. Nick’s email is nicklaus.lesley(at)state.co.us

Here’s Gov. Hickenlooper’s full letter on this subject:

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