Apology for 2018 Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks Livestream Failure

We disappointed a lot of people by failing to have the livestream work for the second year in a row. We were extremely disappointed as well. Though thousands of people join us in worship on Easter morning, and we know there are thousands who can’t make it to Red Rocks for a variety of reasons. It’s been our joy to make the livestream available, and share the blessings of this very special sunrise service with others. We ask your forgiveness for failing again this year.

After what happened in 2017, we took steps to make the livestream a success. We even hired different production people, including one with prior experience livestreaming events at Red Rocks. We will certainly find out what went wrong this year, and see what else we must do to improve performance so that the livestream happens in 2019.

We know that nothing can recapture the magic of watching the service on Easter Sunday morning as it happens, but the video replay now works. If you have the time to watch it, you’ll be blessed by the wonderful music ,and the great sermon that Rev. Tawana Davis preached.

Again, we’re sorry to disappoint, and we endeavor to do better!

Adrian Miller
Executive Director
Colorado Council of Churches


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