The CCC Supports Amendment 66

On Nov. 5th, Colorado voters will have the opportunity to significantly invest in public education. As indicated in our Public Policy Statement on the Education of Our Children, we support any effort that “creates adequate and equalized funding for public schools as one of its priorities to assure access for all Colorado children to excellent comprehensive public education.” Amendment 66 is a great step towards that goal.

According to The Bell Policy Center, a nonpartisan think tank, “Amendment 66 will carefully invest $950 million in all of our schools, from the Western Slope to the mountains to the plains, and it will also allow us to pay for innovative and overdue reforms that the legislature has enacted but not been able to pay for. This money will help in objective, measurable ways, such as getting the best teachers into the classroom, improving literacy in early grades, lowering class sizes and assessing school accountability.” We urge you to vote “yes” for Amendment 66!

Please contact Adrian Miller at if you would like someone to come to your congregation and answer questions about Amendment 66.