Education Advocacy Update

From Haley Anderson

How we care for and invest in our children reflects our values and the kind of future we envision. If we value a future where our state has critical thinking, well rounded, whole, and healthy citizens, we show that by investing in our children. If, as people of faith, we value justice, love, and caring for our neighbor, and we want to see these more fully realized in the world, we show that in how we nurture and provide for the children in our communities. These values come to life in the way we approach education, but unfortunately, Colorado’s legislative choices have historically not reflected the value of ensuring a vibrant future for our state through investing in our children. In fact, Colorado often puts the children, and therefore our shared future, last as evidenced by these facts compiled by Great Education Colorado:

Colorado Ranks: 

It is critical that we change this narrative of putting our children last, and begin investing in their futures if we want to have a vibrant and thriving state. 

Not only do we want to have fully funded educational programs, but we also want to ensure that our students and their unique cultures, identities, and histories are respected in the classroom. Students thrive when they feel seen and heard both by their teachers and by the curriculum, and that thriving is contagious! 

This legislative session there are a lot of important bills on Education that are worth tracking and assessing their underlying values.