Colorado Interfaith Voices for Justice Now Has a New Home with the Colorado Council of Churches

The CCC is happy to announce that the Colorado Interfaith Voices for Justice has become one of its task forces. The mission of Colorado Interfaith Voices for Justice is to work with faith communities to educate and advocate on behalf of those living in poverty. Voices for Justice focuses on state and federal public policy issues concerning affordable housing, criminal justice, healthcare, hunger and welfare. In working with congregations and faith-based organizations, Voices for Justice seeks to create a powerful faith movement ready to take action in our communities and at the State Capitol. Though the organization has a new home, its mission will not change.

Voices for Justice brings diverse faith communities together to speak out for those who often do not have a voice in public policy: the working poor, the disabled, the elderly. Voices for Justice calls on policy makers to have justice for those who are struggling to make ends meet and survive in our world. Working with Voices for Justice will help make a strong voice for the voiceless at the State Capitol: the more voices who speak out on an issue, the more legislators pay attention to their constituents. By partnering with Voices for Justice, you will be joining a coalition of faith communities, faith-based agencies and individuals all called to make a difference in the world.

We are excited to continue providing a strong faith voice during the 2014 legislative session. Please contact Adrian Miller if you are interested in participating with this task force. To learn more about some of the prior work of the Colorado Interfaith Voices for Justice, please visit