Caste Book Study Ministry

The Colorado Council of Churches seeks African American churches and predominantly white churches interested in pairing up for a joint reading and study of Caste, Isabel Wilkerson’s bestseller that examines the laws and practices that created what she describes as a bipolar, Black and white caste system in the United States. It is our hope that we will meet with the intention to create the beloved community, finding meaning in reading Caste while providing an opportunity to share conversations that might sprout into personal relationships among participants from both faith communities.

Though not a requirement, participants are asked to attend all eight sessions that will start meeting in September. The dates and times of the meeting will be set by the paired churches. Each meeting will begin with a brief segment of music, intercessory prayer, and homily/theological reflection followed by 5-10 minutes of transitional comments presented by pastors from each church. The group then will move to small discussion groups for the next 40-50 minutes. The small group breakout rooms will be randomly assigned. Finally, we will return to the full group for sharing and closing prayer.

Small groups are the centerpiece of this ministry, and participants are asked to read the assigned part of the book each week to ensure meaningful conversation. Small groups will be led by trained discussion leaders/facilitators.

Once churches are paired, we’ll need someone from each congregation to volunteer to co-facilitate the book study. The facilitators will be connected to the national group to have any questions answered.

There will a virtual group for those whose church doesn’t participate. In September, we’ll provide information on how to join this group.


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